Pallet Racking Narrow Aisle Column Guard Flat Front (Type 1)

Reference: PRP001

Condition: New product


Heavy duty pallet racking column guard 5mm flat front narrow-aisle.

£32.40 Ex. VAT

Data sheet

Height (mm) :400mm at front
Condition :New
Depth (mm) :280mm
Width (mm)250mm Overall to plate edges (125mm Clear inside)
Finish :Epoxy powder
Colour :Yellow
Thickness (mm)5mm

More info

Prevent any costly damages and reduce safety risks towards employees. Prevent various types of pallet racking damage such as buckling and twisted uprights. The costs of replacing damaged racking can be costly & time consuming, don't let this effect your production or profit.

  • Designed to protect pallet racking from potential damage from forklifts.
  • 5mm thick steel reduces chaces of pallet racking being damaged.
  • Epoxy powder coated in an alert yellow.
  • Bolts into the floor.
  • Quick and easy installation on concrete floors, guards secured with (not included) 4 x  M12x100mm Through Bolt, Concrete/Floor Anchors

Advantages of floor fixed protectors
  • These protectors transmit load directly into floor slab rather than the racking upright
  • Make a noise when hit creating a deterrent.

Disadvantages of floor fixed protectors
  • These can become loose after excessive of repeated impacts (although this may indicate aisle width or forklift size problems if damage occurs in the same areas repeatedly & the floor may become damaged)

Clearances for free standing upright protectors

SEMA's operational clearance for the minimum gap between the upright & pallet is 75mm at ground level. The maximum horizontal dimension allowed into a bay is 50mm from the upright without impacting the original clearance dimensions.

Already have racking damage?

We can advise on racking damage, carry out racking inspections & replace damaged components.

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